Miniature Update


The last couple of years have been crazy. I started and new job at Codeface, attended a Ruby on Rails bootcamp in Manchester, and began studying for an MSc in Intelligent Systems.

I’ve studied, used, and learned an incredible amount in this period: Ruby on Rails, Linux, machine learning, natural language processing, emacs, Java, SuperCollider and computer music. Found things I never thought I’d love, or would have been given an opportunity to study again, in the form of statistics and discovered, the hard way, that I profusely dislike taking buses on University routes. Even more life-changing, finally made a permanent switch from Ableton Live to Renoise.

That said, having been completely absorbed in these largely technical and intellectual pursuits, I’ve let other areas of my life slide and haven’t really given enough attention to my own health, hobbies or normal-people-stuff (reading for pleasure, what a luxury). These are things I’m going to try and start doing again. I mean, when I lived in Glasgow, I used to go running at 5am in the morning and despite living in sunny Brighton, I’ve barely achieved more than a brisk walk. This is something I definitely want to change and spend less time at the computer.