Senior Software Developer, Pirate Studios Jul 2017 → Present

Responsible for developing backend APIs written in Ruby with Grape; recording and streaming applications running on IoT devices in Rust and monitoring services in Haskell.

Web Application Technical Lead, IRIS Connect Oct 2015 → Jul 2017

Responsible for developing customer-facing web application written in Ruby with Ruby on Rails, extending it with microservices written in Haskell and PureScript, deployments to Amazon AWS, code reviews and planning weekly sprints.

Senior Web Application Developer, IRIS Connect Feb 2014 → Oct 2015

Responsible for developing a continuing professional development (CPD) web application in Ruby with Ruby on Rails and integrating it with Haskell services, and dealing with deployments to Heroku.

Web Developer, Codeface Aug 2011 → Feb 2014

Responsible for developing Ruby on Rails apps, integrating them with Clojure services, and dealing with deployments to Heroku and Amazon EC2.


MSc Intelligent Systems (merit), University of Sussex 2011 → 2013

BA Applied Music (2:1), University of Strathclyde 2004 → 2008


i18n for Haskell Web Applications, Haskell Exchange Oct 2016

Discussed approaches to internationalising Haskell web applications, giving an overview of existing libraries and tools available to Haskell web application developers.